Needs and budgets on the forefront by staying in front of your customers.


Our Web-based software for social media management, conversation monitoring, news aggregation and publishing, centralized monitoring and lead generation helps insurance offices and agents stay connected with the clients in their current book of business and discover new opportunities by creating two-way dialog with their customers and prospect.

Successful insurance agents and brokers rely on building trusted relationships. The recent trend of impersonal mass marketing of direct mail, cold calling and email blasting all had the effect of disenfranchising the independent agent and broker. Some even left the industry, rejecting the shift from personal service from trusted professionals to catchy jingles and funny but ineffective commercials.

But there’s good news. Social networking is fostering fundamental changes to the way people communicate, gather information, form opinions, and build relationships. Social networking is all about listening, building community, engaging in a conversation, sharing an experience, being transparent, engaging, being interesting, and adding value. In short, Social networking is about building and strengthening relationships.

Independent agents can use social media marketing to their advantage over the impersonal national “logos” by creating a human “face” with a local presence. Get in the game and implement a social networking strategy using the tools that help them effortlessly manage the information flow and stay on top of the changes.