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Regardless of your company size and budget, we have a loan pricing engine for you. All of them are accurate, easy, and affordable.

With Decision Assist as your pricing and automated underwriting solution, you’ll begin to recapture lost profits immediately. If you’re not using a product and pricing engine today, bad locks and inaccurate pricing cost lenders thousands every day through human error and an overwhelmed staff. Lenders lose originators due to confusing or inaccurate pricing systems. Product and pricing engines automate the lock process while cutting down on errors but until now lenders had to choose either ease or accuracy.

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  Express Professional Enterprise
   Starting at $495/mo Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
Lender Management Products & Price
Select lenders and products
Administrate price/rate margins
Handling of SRP's
Suppressing or hiding lock periods Lender Pricing Lender Pricing
Private labeling of investors and programs Lender Pricing Lender Pricing
Custom Lock period cushions Lender Pricing
Loan Search
Access to sponsored Lenders

Access Top National Lenders

- Current available lenders

Access custom lender data +
Access ratesheets on demand  
FHA product support
Branded Website (Private Labeled)   Loan Pricing Loan Pricing
Custom logo, colors URL +
Template driven homepage with graphics/flash +
Ratesheets, forms, documents +
Mortgage Calculators, News +
Web hosting, service & support +
Content management included +
View market commentary/snapshot +
Secure access/secure content +
User Management/administration
Loan Center/POS Tools
Loan pipeline features
Import/Export loan files
Loan application
Credit and underwriting (Links to DO/LP)  
Number of User Accounts 25 100  
Loan Locking Support   Lender Pricing Lender Pricing
Support of loan locking and float registration workflow   Lender Pricing Lender Pricing
Multiple origination channels Pricing markups   Lender Pricing Lender Pricing
Call Center Functionality   Lender Pricing  
Email/PDF lock requests, confirms   Lender Pricing Lender Pricing
Secondary Marketing     Lender Pricing
Lock Desk     Lender Pricing
Lock Response     Lender Pricing
Lock Status     Lender Pricing
Investor Trades     Lender Pricing
Bulk Management     Lender Pricing
Reporting     Lender Pricing
+ Available for additional Fee.