LendingLoan Pricing Engine

DecisionAssist™ is an accurate, affordable loan pricing engine that’s maintained by mortgage bankers.


DecisionAssist is a product and pricing engine that will increase your profits and the speed of loan selection accurately and affordably. DecisionAssist reduces loan costs related to bad loan locking allowing you to grow on a single system and maximize loan profits. Depending on your mortgage company's size and requirements, you pick the system perfectly designed to meet your business needs. As you grow, DecisionAssist grows with you, so you can't outgrow our solution.

 If you’re not using a product and pricing engine today, bad locks and inaccurate pricing cost lenders thousands every day through human error and an overwhelmed staff. Lenders lose originators due to confusing or inaccurate pricing systems. Product and pricing engines automate the lock process while cutting down on errors but until now lenders had to choose either ease or accuracy.

  • most accurate loan pricing available
  • maintained by real mortgage bankers
  • fully integrated with your existing loan origination software
  • private-label loan products as your own

Decision Assist Express

Designed for small lenders, Decision Assist Express provides a solid mortgage pricing engine for small banks foundation for all your business needs both now and as you grow. Streamline your loan pricing, manage your loan pipeline, import and export loan files through our Web portal. Our wholesale database users have access to correspondent mortgage investors as well. Now you get to set all pricing margins.

Utilize Decision Assist Express' advanced loan search tool to find the best possible price and eligibility from your select investor's loan products.

DecisionAssist Express Benefits:

  • designed for smaller lenders
  • proprietary mortgage calculators and tools
  • promote increased margins and productivity
  • full loan pricing for low price point of entry

Decision Assist Professional

Decision Assist Professional allows you to determine the best price and eligibility for your loan from your own database of investors' loan products. This gives you the ability to access to credit, underwriting and individual loan registration and loan price lock requests and confirms.

You control margins and fees by user, branch, or company, all accessible through a custom-designed and branded corporate Web site. Promote increased margins and productivity by subscribing to this advanced pricing engine and fully integrated suite of mortgage product individual It provides for real-time individual loan registration, pricing, and emailed lock requests.  

  • loan pricing, eligibility, and locking.
  • control margins and fees
  • access to credit, underwriting
  • Individual loan registration
  • PDF lock requests,
  • Pricing markups and private labeling of investors and programs

Decision Assist Enterprise

DecisionAssist Enterprise is the most comprehensive Web-based decision engine and automated underwriting software available. Most importantly, DecisionAssist Enterprise will interface seamlessly with your LOS and other mortgage software.

Enable access to an automated, real-time, comprehensive system for your loan search, pricing, locking, and integration needs. Our ultimate product suite provides price lock requests and confirms, all through a  branded interface. It includes software to underwrite a loan and return approvals to the originator. Add conditions by merging from DU and LP or create them yourself.

  • loan pricing, eligibility, and locking.
  • control margins and fees
  • access to credit, underwriting
  • Individual loan registration
  • PDF lock requests
  • Pricing markups and private labeling of investors and programs

Web Tools

Now you can display your pricing on your web site and collect inquiries for new customers with the new loan pricing plugin from OpenClose. Prospects can easily get current rates and request a follow-up with minimal input. Features include:

  • Display "Best Prices" from all your investors
  • Customized pricing includes your specific margins
  • Limit display to only those products you want to offer
  • Plugin can be customized to the look and feel of your current web site design.
  • Plugin can be easily added to your web site with only one line of text.



For a comparative analysis of each one of our Pricing Engine editions, please use the link below.